During discussions with Sgt. Stafford of the Lexington Park COPS Unit, Lion Linda Dodson of the Lexington Park Lions Club, learned that police officers need frequently to transport young children in their official vehicles. Those vehicles do not come equipped with child safety seats or booster seats, making transportation more difficult.

In subsequent discussions with Cpl. Snyder, Lion Tom McCarthy learned the officers in the COPS Unit often find during routine traffic stops, that children are not properly restrained in the vehicle. Depending on the circumstances and situation, there are folks who can afford neither the fine associated with this, nor the purchase of an appropriate child safety seat.Police officers would like to be able to provide a safety seat in those instances.

Once the Lexington Park Lions Club learned that as many as 50 seats a year could be issued, they reached out to their community partner, Church of the Ascension, for additional assistance in obtaining the safety seats. Church members responded, and on Thursday, November 17, Jess and Dana Davis, representing both Church of the Ascension and the Lexington Park Lions, presented the Lexington Park COPS Unit with 15 child safety seats with an additional 20 booster seats on order.

The Lexington Park Lions are most grateful to the members of the Church of the Ascension for their overwhelming generosity, answering a call to keep our children safe on the road.

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